Beds are not just where you curl up at the end of the day. They could be the huge difference between your getting quality sleep and tossing around all night. Beyond that, they could also play a part in making your décor stand out.

If you are also interested in the combination of quality sleep with amazing décor, below are the best beds for the money

Platform beds are known for being too simple, but the Moniz Upholstered Platform Bed adds a special touch to that. Upholstery is no stranger to this bed which has that in just the right details.

The headboard is particularly impressive, carrying a flat and minimalist design that still does well to radiate style and elegance around the whole bed. The design is continued to the footing area of the bed for an ensemble effect.

Coming with a lightweight and durable bed of its own, a single purchase provides you with all you need for a good night’s rest.

If you would prefer a more traditional and retro platform bed instead, this pick from Beccles is the right choice for you. That is not just because of the retro feel it carries, or the simplistic designs on the head and footer area, but for every other amazing feature it packs on board.

Speaking of, a combination of 16 metal slats designed from high-grade steel and 10 legs to match will not only prevent sagging, but increase the lifetime of your bed too. The product is also sturdy enough to hold your bed without the additional headache of getting a box spring.

With such value for money and a glossy black finish to match, you can see why we approve of the Beccles Platform Bed.

Although it also comes with a platform design, this Cyril Platform Bed is for those who would prefer to do without the headboard. The neutral black finish already speaks highly of how this bed can go with any room in the home, and the open frame design makes things even more interesting.

Whether you need to upgrade the bed in the guest bedroom or add an extra bed to the home, you will always find a place for this unit.

Available in just Navy Blue and Light Blue colors, you don’t need any other paintjob to make this Kirtley Upholstered Panel Bed stand out against any other design element in your bedroom.

Button tufts might be overrated, but the diamond-shaped tuft design on this bed will have you rethinking that stand. The headboard might look like where all the fun is before you look at the main bed and see the kind of royal treatment laid out before you.

Complete with a sturdy design which is built to last, here’s to enjoying the kind of comfort only this bed can bring.

We have seen the platform beds made of metal and those without headboards, but what about one with a wooden design? Because, that is the kind of uniqueness that we have on the Livermore Platform Bed.

The four-post bed comes with each post fitted with no les

s than five accents, adding even more class and design to your already beautiful bedroom. To complement that are highly stylized motif designs on the headboard and footboard.

If that is not the definition of beauty, we don’t know what is.