Keeping food fresh should be the priority of any home. Besides that, ensuring your drinks (and other substances like that nice bowl of ice cream) stay chilled at all times is also as important.

That is why you need a refrigerator unit in the home.

No matter how small the home is, there will always be a right unit for you. Not just any unit, but a quality one that is as functional as they come.

That is why we have developed this list of the top options to go for.

Capacity: 8.8 cubic feet

For those who are looking to get a large freezer to fit into a smaller kitchen space, the Thin-Line Frost-Free Counter Depth Top Freezer does that too well. On the inside of this freezer is a full 8.8 cubic feet volume space which could be enough to hold most of the items you are looking to keep fresh.

Fresh food section is fitted with adjustable glass shelves, specially designed against spillage and well-positioned for its purpose. A total of four racks are also placed in there for proper organization and arrangement of items.

Completed with stainless steel doors, this unit is as premium as they get.

Capacity: 7.3 cubic feet

This refrigerator might look smaller than the one above on paper, but that does nothing to take away from its functionality.

One thing we love about the Danby Top Freezer Refrigerator is its ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, among other things. All that, and we have not even mentioned how the numerous compartments make it easy to store certain groups of food and drinks away from the other.

Coupled with the intuitive mechanical controls and reversible door hinge, this is one unit that puts your convenience above all other things.

Capacity: 9.2 cubic feet

Looking at this SMEG All-Refrigerator with Ice Compartment, you are met with an imposing figure that looks too boring to be true. Well, that is until you open it and see all the ideally-placed compartments to justify this 9.2 cubic feet marvel a choice of pick any day. The retro style of this refrigerator does more to add character to your space. Speaking of, its availability in different colors also makes it possible to pick the best choice for your existing décor.

Shipped with extra accessories (glass shelf for vegetables, adjustable balcony, fruit and vegetable drawer, etc.), you get all you need in this one package.

Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet

Standing at a tall 8.9 cubic feet, it is still amazing that this unit is just 22 inches wide. That makes it an ideal fit for even the smallest kitchens. Afterall, you now get all the storage space you need while not giving up on floor space.

Such is the beauty of this Summit Appliance Energy Star Top Freezer that it helps you save on maintenance. This is done by the true-frost feature which prevents the build-up of ice in the fridge.

Besides that, you still get door shelves for easier storage and stainless-steel doors that can be revered to open to any direction you prefer (left or right).

Capacity: 14.9 cubic feet

They say ‘the bigger, the better,’ and the same is true of this Lycan Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator.

You already know storage won’t be an issue for you when this kind of size is involved. What you might not know is the slew of features – such as the LED control panel, an auto defrosting feature and as well, the amazing freeze rate.

If you were to go all out and splash on a refrigerator, it might as well be this one.