Sofas are a unique bunch, and they are so for more reasons than one. Besides the fact that they bring beauty to any space they are put in, they also find a way to make a statement and reinforce the décor of the home.

All that, and we have not even mentioned how functional they can be to make the living room – or any other befitting room they are placed in – homelier.

Of course, all of the above can only happen when the choice of sofa is treated with utmost care, not as an afterthought. To that end, we have reviewed some of the best sofas on the market, and brought you our top picks.

The Nia Pin Convertible Sleeper is a recommended choice for anyone who wants to bring all of class, style and elegance into their living space.

From a distance, the tufted design of this sofa on the velvet material makes for a great eye candy. On getting closer, the sofa welcomes you with thick cushioning only matched by the sleek arms and amazingly-tapered wooden legs.

Carrying a vintage look on top of modern feel, there is rarely any décor that won’t go well with this sofa.

We have seen tufted designs on sofas, and quite a lot of them too. Whenever we look at the Snyder Chesterfield Sofa, though, we cannot but feel this is taking it a notch further.

For one, we love the classic design of the sofa, completed with traditional elements for the full effect. To better that deal, the sofa is offered in rich colours to match the style and tone of any room it sets itself in. Besides that, it is very functional in allowing a seating of up to 5 people at once.

With such comfort and functionality infused into one unit, we almost don’t want to look elsewhere.

Getting your money’s worth means having more value for every spend, which is just what this Cobbs Convertible Sofa offers.

The name has already given off the secret identify of this unit which can double as an extra bed for overnight guests. A combination of metal and manufactured wood for the frame means that it comes as durable as can be. Unmistakably, this is the sofa that brings a touch of simplicity to its space.

Is it a sofa? Is it a chaise? That is one of the many questions that comes running through the mind on first sighting the Cazenovia Reversible Sectional. The good news is, the sofa is both of what you were thinking, with many more features under the hood to interest you.

The sectional L forms a reboot of classic sofa styles, allowing any and everyone enjoy the benefit of lounging while having a nice time with family and friends. Being reversible, this area also has the extra benefit of being adjustable so you can arrange it to suit your space better.

With more than enough space to accommodate company, you get to choose from a variety of hues to match what effects that you could be going for with your décor.

Obviously, we love the green colour on the Derry Sofa. No matter which colour you pick, though, you get to enjoy the same lush feel on the body and gentle brilliance on your eyes.

That is what you get when you have plush foams worked onto solid wood for overall stability, all covered with high-quality velvet material. To give even more appeal, a button tuft design is favoured over others, and we are grateful for that.

Coming with throw pillows out of the box, we don’t mind if this becomes your next best napping spot.