We all know putting children to sleep can be a frustrating process. If they are wound up, hyper, or simply not ready to go to close their eyes, you might spend hours calming them down and convincing them it’s time to count those sheep. In order to make this process easier on you, consider kids beds that your kids actually like. When their sleeping sanctuary is more welcoming, they will be more likely to quiet down and get some shut-eye.

Not to mention, quality and stylish kids beds make any house look like a real home, adding versatility, fashionable flair, and personality to every room.

Here are 6 children’s beds you should consider for your bundles of joy this year:

What is more fun than a bunk bed when you’re a kid? Not much! This contemporary bunk bed is made from a durable steel frame, that makes it a neutral option for any kind of home design. Created with safety in mind, there are full-length guardrails and a ladder equipped to keep your kids safe.

This is a perfect bed bunk solution for the little girls in your life, made from solid pinewood with a piece that showcases a clean-lined silhouette with both safety rails and a built-in ladder. Finished off with a white coating, this bunk bed blends in perfectly with any girls’ room and décor color scheme.

In case bunk beds are fun enough for kids, why not try out a twin mattress frame that comes equipped with a slide? Yes, we said a slide. This metal twin-sized bed loft, designed with open details, helps it blend into any aesthetic. When your little one is ready to get up and take on the day, they simply slide down the complimentary slide, adding an element of fun and whimsical adventure to their lives.

If your son loves cars, sports cars, or Nascar, then you might want to turn his love of automobiles into his sleeping sanctuary. Check out this turbo twin-sized bedframe designed to look like a racecar, featuring a spoiler headboard, wheel accents, and faux headlights.

Add more space to your daughter’s room with a low loft bed that is raised to the perfect height for bedtime stories, counting sheep, and making memories with you. The space beneath the bed can be turned into anything from a desk to a fun play space, utilizing a neutral metal frame that matches with any room.

Do you have a blossoming reader in your house? This is a full loft bed, equipped with a metal painted finished and clean-lined silhouette that covers the need for a bulky box spring. With a built-in ladder, guardrails, shelving, and desk, this loft frame covers just about everything your little bookworm needs.

Ready to turn your child’s world upside down? Consider these creative, neutral, modern, and functional beds for kids today.